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Bangkok Airways Ultra-trail Panoramic

Start date: December 8, 2017

End date: December 10, 2017

Location: Pai, Maehongson

The trail running event that started from “Passion”. I once had a question and I kept repeating myself that between the trail running of 100 miles distance and creating a 100 miles trail running route, which one is more challenging, but it is not that important since I made my decision; I created the route.

My passion started from the dream I had; running the 100 miles trail. I felt and sensed the feeling of 100 km and 100 Miles Thailand. Today, I put the entire dream I have got as the ‘runner’ down, and spend most of the time creating the most challenging trail running event that challenged the participants, and me. My only dream is that… I wish to see Ultra-Trail Panoramic as the top trail running event in Asia.

This year, I added 50 km distance to the race, but this route existed but I do need sometimes to make it proper. Our team concentrated on 100 miles which make us decided not to do it last year. Importantly, we added 10 km for everyone!

Before the registration, I would like to ask you to read all the details provided below for your entertainment during the race, and for your own benefits. If there is any query, please feel free to contact us via

Run from A to B for both distance, difference start point, but the same finish point. For 100 Miles distance, when participants run for approximately 60 km, you will see the start point of 100 km distance. After that, partner will be using the same route to the finish point.

For 10 km and 50 km, the same finish point.

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